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Care Providers at Home F.A.Q.

Q: How do you find and select the right care provider for me or my loved one?

A: We truly believe there is a perfect care provider for every senior in need, and we do our best to find just the right match. During our initial in-home consultation, we pay close attention to what you tell us about your hobbies, interests, expectations, and needs. We then review our care provider pool to find the person with the matching personality and skills. Keep in mind, that along with a demonstrated passion for working with seniors, each care provider in our pool has successfully completed both the Caregiver Quality Assurance® (CQA) screen, as well as a thorough personal and professional reference and criminal background check.

Q: What is the Caregiver Quality Assurance® (CQA) screen?

A: The Caregiver Quality Assurance® program allows us to look more closely at the personality and behaviors of the care providers we select. With the Caregiver Quality Assurance® program, we are using the most advanced screening tool available today in the pre-employment assessment of care providers. This unique technology helps us identify individuals with the potential to put your loved one at risk. This care provider pre-employment assessment tool examines attitude, behaviors and personality characteristics to screen applicants out before an incident can occur.

Q: How do you train your care providers?

A: Care Providers at Home provides its employees with senior care training, which covers topics such as understanding and minimizing fall risk, food preparation and safety, understanding Alzheimer’s and dementia, safe driving skills, in-home infection control, communicating with seniors, activity planning, recognizing illness, and other issues and typical situations encountered in providing elder care.  Care providers also benefit from regular team meetings and on-going training opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Q: Who does the care provider work for? Who pays the care provider, Care Providers at Home or me?

A: Your care provider is an employee of Care Providers at Home, a locally owned and operated company. You should never pay a care provider directly. Care Providers at Home handles all the hours verification, billing, payroll, taxes, and administrative responsibilities for your care provider. One designated family member will receive an invoice every other week, either by email or US mail. The invoice includes a detailed accounting of the name of each caregiver, the hours they’ve provided care for, and the cost of that care. Payment should be remitted directly to our office.

Q: Are your services covered by Medicare?

A: Care Providers at Home is not a Medicare agency. We are a registered Homemaker Companion company and our licensing/oversight body is the Agency for Healthcare Administration located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?

A: In some cases, yes. Care Providers at Home is able to work with a variety of Long Term Care Insurance companies, whose clients’ in-home care claim has been approved.

Q: Do you have any programs or payment options for Veterans?

A: If you or your loved one is a veteran, you may qualify for Veterans Administration programs that reimburse veterans for home care. Your Care Providers at Home representative will be happy to discuss the VA benefit with you in more detail.

Q: I frequently see individual caregivers advertising in my local paper. Why should I use Care Providers at Home rather than the individual with the ad in my newspaper?

A: There are several reasons why Care Providers at Home should be your choice for senior companionship and home care:

  • Our care providers are trained in elder care and have demonstrated a sincere desire to work with seniors.
  • We handle care provider payment and withholding taxes as required by law.
  • If you hire an individual, he or she may get sick or move away and you’ll have to find someone new.  Our staff of quality employees ensures there will always be a compatible and reliable care provider there for your family member.

Q: How quickly can we start service?

A: Almost right away. We’ll want to take the time needed to match the right care provider to you and we want to provide the care you need, when you need it.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract for a specified period of time?

A: Before starting service, we ask that you sign our standard service agreement. The agreement clearly outlines the services that we will provide, and the associated costs. You can cancel our service at any time with a two week notice.

Q: What should I expect on the first day care is provided?

A: Following our initial in-home consultation, our search for the right care provider began. By now, you may have been introduced to various care providers, and have given us your input on your preference(s). A member of our team will be present on the first day of home care to re-introduce and orient the care provider, and to ensure a smooth start.

Q: What should I expect in a typical day with my care provider?

A: As a registered Homemaker Companion provider, the list of services we provide is extensive. A typical day will change depending on the needs of our client, but could include grocery shopping and running errands in the morning, preparing and eating lunch, preparing dinner for later, and enjoying a walk and tending to hobbies in the afternoon.

Q: Can Care Providers at Home help with medications?

A: When provided with a medication schedule approved by your physician, our care providers can remind our clients to take medication at appropriate times, but they cannot assist or administer the medication.

Q: If we’re happy with a particular care provider, can we have that same care provider every time?

A: Depending on the hours each day and the days of the week you request, it is certainly possible to have the same care provider. We strive to obtain consistency of care for clients, so although we can’t guarantee your care provider will always be available, we do make every effort to have the same care provider for every visit. On occasion, we may introduce a new care provider so that you’ll always have an available “substitute” who is familiar with your loved one’s needs and with whom you feel comfortable.

Q: What happens if my care provider gets sick or can’t come that day?

A: We employ a team approach among our care providers. On days when your usual care provider is unavailable, we make every effort to find an alternate care provider who is also a great match for your loved one. We’ll keep you informed of the situation, and if you have not previously met the alternate care provider, a Care Provider at Home administrator will accompany him or her to your home for introductions.

Q: What if I need to cancel a visit?

A: Please provide at least a four hour notice if a scheduled visit must be cancelled. Any cancellations with less than a 4 hour notice may be subject to fees.

Q: What do I do if I don’t like my caregiver?

A: If you or your senior family member is uncomfortable for any reason, please let us know – we’ll act immediately. The most important thing is that you are happy and feel comfortable with your care provider. If you would like us to find a new care provider, please call our office and we will begin the process immediately.

Q: Do you provide service to those in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?

A: Yes, if requested, we provide eldercare and companionship to seniors who may require additional attention while residing in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Q: What happens if our loved one goes into the hospital?

A: Whether you’re a current client or not, we can help by providing our Sitter Services. During your hospital stay, your assigned care provider stays with you, looking out for your comfort and care and providing compassionate companionship. We can also assist with the transition back to the home, making sure important discharge instructions recommended by the doctor are being followed.

Q: Is Care Providers at Home a cleaning company or maid service?

A: No, but we do provide light housekeeping assistance to help keep the home tidy, including doing the dishes and laundry, ironing, changing the linens and vacuuming.

Q: If I have a problem or question, whom should I contact?

A: If you have concerns or questions of any kind, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and speak with a staff member. We’ll address your concern immediately.

Q: What are your rates?

A: Please contact us for specific rate information.