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Senior Home Care Services of Sarasota – Health Watch Visits

Senior Home Care Visits and Health Watch

About Our Health Watch and Home Care Visits Program:

Our Health Watch and Home Care Visits program is designed to assist seniors with specific, non-time-intensive activities and to monitor their general wellness on given intervals decided by their family. This program was developed primarily to offer peace of mind and wellness assurance to the children and grandchildren of aging seniors.

Our Health Watch and Care Visits program is highly customizable to fit your personal needs and desires. Rates for this program vary based on the degree of watch and visits desired by the client and family. Please call for more information.

The program may include daily, weekly, or monthly health check-ups depending on the condition of your loved one. We may also work in routine daily phone calls to your loved one as part of the program depending on your wishes. Visits may also be scheduled for help with specific activities such as meal preparation. We understand that new needs may arise as your loved one continues to age. Our program is flexible and capable of change over time – we’ll work with you as conditions change to ensure your care plan is current and in line with the evolving needs of your loved one.

Personalized Home Care Visits – Wellness. Assurance. Peace of Mind.

These short daily or weekly Home Care Visits may include:

  • General Wellness Checks and Awareness
  • Wellness Reports and Assurance for Family Members
  • Meal Preparation Assistance
  • Reminders to Take Medication

We may also work in any companion and homemaker services as needed during our home visits. The primary goal is to accommodate to any pressing and urgent needs of the client, and provide continual assurance to their family.

If your elderly loved one doesn’t need long-standing in-home care but you still want to be assured that they are safe and well, our Health Watch and Home Care Visits program are the perfect solution!

Questions About Our Health Watch and Home Care Visits?

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