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Senior Home Care Services of Sarasota – Homemaker Companions

Senior Homemaker Companion Sarasota

About Our Homemaker Companion Services:

One out of every three seniors over the age of 65 experiences an unintentional fall every year and in many cases these falls are life-threatening. The professional homemaker companion services delivered by Care Providers at Home are designed maintain a safe, healthy, and nurturing home environment – promoting the security, independence, and overall happiness of your aging parent or loved one. Your personal homemaker companion will ensure that the floor is cleared of tripping hazards each day, and that furniture is arranged to facilitate mobility. Your homemaker companion will also help you reach high shelves, prepare hot meals, carry heavy bags, and assist in other activities that could strain a senior and lead to a fall. In a very real way your homemaker companion can significantly reduce the risk of a physical injury in home.

Our Homemaker Companion Services go above and beyond the traditional expectation. Of course we help around the house, but our services also include all the great benefits of traditional Senior Companion Care. Services include:

Homemaker Services

  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Cleaning of Dishes
  • Light Housekeeping to Prevent Falls
    • Sweeping and Vacuuming
    • Clutter Reduction
    • Cleaning Kitchen Counter Tops
    • Organizing Cupboards
    • Dusting for Allergy Relief
    • General Organizing and Tidying Up of Rooms
    • Changing of Linens
    • Making of Beds
  • Laundry
    • Washing and Drying Laundry
    • Ironing Clothes
    • Organizing and Putting Away Laundry
  • Dropping Off / Pick Up Dry Cleaning
  • Going Grocery Shopping
  • Running Errands
  • Taking Out Garbage
  • Bringing In the Mail
  • Assistance Responding to Mail
  • Answering the Door
  • Answering the Telephone

Senior Companion Services

  • Caring Companionship
  • Encouraging and Stimulating Conversation
  • Assistance with Cherished Personal Hobbies and Crafts
    • Scrapbooking, Gardening, Model-Building, Etc…
  • Reading Aloud from Books/Periodicals
  • Setting Up Social Functions
  • Assisting with Entertaining
  • Accompanying Clients on Walks
    • Walking Next to Client
    • Guiding Client by the Elbow
    • Steadying a Walker
    • Stabilization When Needed
  • Providing Medication Reminders
  • Reliable and Accessible Transportation
    • To Bank, Post Office, Grocery Store, and Shops
    • To Important Appointments, Doctors, and Specialists
    • To Social Activities and Outings
  • Bringing In or Purchasing the Newspaper
  • Writing Letters
  • Playing Games and Cards
  • Renting and Watching Movies
  • Accompanying to Meals
  • Picking Up Meals
Additional Service Benefits…
  • Ongoing RN Supervision and Evaluation
  • AHCA Licensed
  • Caregiver Quality Assurance®
  • Background Checks on All Employees
  • RN Assessments of Clients Needs
  • Personalized Care Plans for Each Client
  • Complimentary Home Safety Assessments
  • Family-Owned and Locally Operated in Sarasota, FL


Could Your Family Benefit From Our Homemaker Companion Services?

Our vision is to reduce senior in-home injuries with our homemaker service and to promote confidence, independence, and dignity within those we care for.

We understand that fear itself can be a powerful and dangerous motivator, and that the fear of injury often leads seniors towards inactivity and withdrawal. As seniors become more isolated and withdrawn from social activities, their happiness will suffer, along with their strength and balance. This ultimately leads to a greater risk of falling and an overall dissatisfaction with their present condition. But a homemaker companion can help avert this mental danger. By assisting in activities that could lead a senior to injury, our homemaker services enable senior to remain confident, active, and engaged.

As we age it’s also very important to remain connected with our families and friends. Social activity helps us to maintain our vitality, happiness, and cognitive abilities. At Care Providers at Home, one activity we try to encourage is a social meal time. It’s clear to us that many senior begin to avoid hosting dinner events as their physical abilities decline and they can no longer manage to maintain the home, clean the dishes, and set the table anew each day. But a homemaker companion can accommodate to your personal home necessities, preparing meals, setting the table, tidying your entrance-way, and doing the dishes – enabling you and your loved one to enjoy time together without the burden, anxiety, and clean-up.

Sometimes, we also worry about the living conditions of our elderly loved ones. Our highly capable homemaker companions will strive to maintain a tidy and ship-shape home. They will observe the condition within and outside of the house, and provide daily reports to our staff Registered Nurse on changing conditions. If we identify an unsatisfactory living conditions, such as insect infestation, home decay, etc… we’ll report it to the family immediately, and attempt to assist in the resolution. Moreover, our homemaker companions are trained to prevent unhealthy living conditions before they occur if possible by ensuring the kitchen is kept clean, the trash is taken out, the floors are free from clutter, etc…

How Do We Choose Your Homemaker Companion?

At Care Providers at Home, we utilize the most advanced technology in the industry to psychologically screen applicants and identify only the most compassionate homemaker companions. We run each homemaker companion through our state of the art Caregivers Quality Assurance® Examination, which evaluates potential home companions on a number of important issues including dependability, honesty, hostility, addiction, mental aptitude, and cognitive reasoning, among others. If a potential care provider demonstrates any negative characteristics, rest assured, we won’t let them into the home of your loved one – only the gentlest of heart join the Care Providers at Home family!

Also note that every homemaker companion we assign must first pass a level two security background check and undergoes a rigorous interview process with Care Providers at Home’s staff Registered Nurse. We then go far beyond the minimum industry standards by providing your homemaker companion with case-specific training, based on information our staff Registered Nurse gathers from you during our complimentary in home consultation.

With Care Providers at Home, our care providers are interviewed, screened, evaluated, put through a level 2 background check, and provided case-specific training – all to ensure those we care for receive the very best in home care, and their loved ones can embrace and enjoy total peace of mind.

For more information, please visit Care Providers at Home About Our Care Providers page.

Home Safety Assessment and Consultation

Our homemaker services begin with a free home safety assessment and in-home consultation – it’s free, because the safety of your loved is priceless to us.

Our home safety assessment allows us to identify and address potential in-home hazards that could lead to severe injury or even death.  A particular emphasis is paid to tripping hazards, but the Safety Assessment is comprehensive. When/if potential hazards are identified we will report them to our client and their families along with our suggested solutions. For family members afar, we can assist with the hiring of a trusted contractor to implement the necessary safety changes – relieving you of the burden and uncertainty of hiring a stranger to enter your loved one’s home.

Our Home Consultation allows us to draft you a personalized home care plan. We pay careful attention to the needs, wishes, and life history of those we care for to ensure we get the necessary information to draft the most effective care plan and find the most compatible homemaker companion possible!

Questions about our homemaker companion services?

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