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Senior Home Care Services of Sarasota – Our Story

Care Providers at Home

(Above: Care Providers at Home Owner/Administrator Jim Grimes receives high-fives from classmates upon receiving the Spirit of Nursing award during the USF Nursing Graduates Commencement Ceremony.)

After a career spanning nearly 30 years as an executive in the telecommunications industry, I was blessed with the opportunity to follow a deeper calling, and in 2008 began the pursuit of a new career in nursing. Immersing myself in the world of nursing and health care, I discovered my true passion, and before long was accepted into the USF College of Nursing, one of the most prestigious nursing programs in Florida. Surrounded by an outstanding class of fellow students, I excelled in the program, committing myself to become the best nurse I could, and dedicating myself to my studies. At commencement my dedication to the field was noted as I was honorably recognized by the University, its nursing staff, and its students with both the Spirit of Nursing Award* and the Nursing Alumni Nightingale Award* – both of which carry a deeply rooted reputation that I continually strive to uphold.

Since graduation from the USF College of Nursing I’ve worked on the post-surgical unit at a large, regional hospital, caring for the acute and chronic health needs of patients recovering from major surgery. It’s with the training, experience, and perspective of an RN that I tell the following story:

In late 2011 my wife, son and I travelled to Maine on holidays to visit family. After a wonderful stay with my sister-in-law and her husband and children in central Maine, we travelled south to the Portland area to visit with my wife’s parents.

Joe & Sarah, in their mid-80’s, have always been wonderful and kind hosts. But this visit seemed a little different. Sarah seemed pre-occupied, and confided in me that keeping up with the daily demands of a home was becoming too difficult for her. She was not only having trouble with the day-to-day chores of keeping the house, but with the many (large and small) maintenance tasks required to keep a house in Maine in top shape. This weighed heavily on her, since over the years she took a lot of pride in running the household and keeping it clean & maintained.

Another concern, although he insisted otherwise, was Joe’s health. Joe was beginning to experience some balance issues, and had recently fallen twice. The first fall was a slip on an icy road, while walking the dog. Thankfully, neighbors saw what had happened and were able to immediately help. The second fall occurred while in the shower, and the fire department had to be called to help him up and out. Luckily, no serious injuries resulted from either fall. But it added to Sarah’s worries.

Joe & Sarah have always been very social people, with a large circle of friends. Over the years they’ve been involved in many community activities. But the cold weather of Maine, diminishing physical capabilities, and worry & concern over going out independently, all seemed to conspire and lead to increasing physical and social isolation.

So we got busy. In the short time remaining of our visit we did as many of the deferred chores as we could. We did a safety assessment, and made some changes to the house which would help reduce the risk for additional falls. But as a Registered Nurse, I wasn’t satisfied with the situation. I didn’t like the fact that they were left at home alone, to fend for themselves.

But the subject had been broached, and over the subsequent weeks we did a lot of talking by telephone. Are you safe? Are you happy? What can we do?

We entered into the sometimes complex maze of senior care options, and explored many of the different offerings available to folks in ours, and Joe & Sarah’s, situation. After hours of discussion, interviews, travel, and tours, it was decided that they’d sell their home in Maine and come to Florida to live. And here they are, under our watchful care, since August, 2012.

And so, from our experience with Joe & Sarah, Care Providers at Home was born. In our case, we were very lucky. But not all seniors have the desire or ability to leave their home. And not all families have the ability to relocate aging parents to a new location to be with them. But as in our case, their worries pile up. Are you safe? Are you happy? What can we do?

What’s the mission of Care Providers at Home? Our mission is to promote the health, dignity, mobility, independence, and personal fulfillment of each and every one of our clients in their chosen residential setting and to maximize their and their loved ones’ overall sense of wellness and security through high-value, individualized client-care programs delivered by our compassionate and professional care providers.

In the end, it’s “peace of mind” that we strive to provide. From our initial assessment, screening and selection of our compassionate and professional care providers, to the daily care they provide, to our continual communication with family members, to the insurances and assurances we provide, it’s all aimed at reducing your worries and providing you as much peace of mind as we possibly can.

We hope you’ll call us, if only to ask a question or advice. We’ll do everything in our power to help you. Good luck with your journey.

Jim Grimes, RN, BSN,


Care Providers at Home


*Spirit of Nursing Award

“In any group of students there are those who stand out as role models for the profession through leadership, spirit and service. The College recognizes these individuals through the Spirit of Nursing Award.”

*USF Nursing Alumni Nightingale Award

“A few years ago we began a new tradition and awarded the first USF Nursing Alumni Nightingale Award.  This award was created to recognize students who give themselves selflessly to others and who value charity and service to their community.  Recipients receive a gold USF College of Nursing pin.  It is given on behalf of the Nursing Alumni and Friends Board.  This award differs from all others given in that the recipients are chosen by their peers. The USF Nursing Alumni Board President met with the graduating students and asked them to think of one person in their class who will represent the values of the USF College of Nursing and the profession of nursing in a positive light as they begin their work as a nurse.”

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